About Uslaurenwelyze1

Viva la Diva is a company founded in 2013 by Lauren Scott of Las Vegas, Nevada. Lauren is the married mother of 3 children, 2 of whom are girls, who love to dress up and have their nails painted in every color of the rainbow!

The idea for Viva la Diva was sparked by Lauren’s love and enjoyment of pampering her daughters, daughters’ friends, and nieces.  Imagining how much other little girls, tweens and teens would love to be pampered and celebrated too, Viva la Diva was born.  Her desire is that each young guest at parties will feel loved, beautiful, and pampered.

Lauren has a wide variety of experiences, including modeling, customer service, directing children’s ministry, volleyball coaching, DIY home improvement and building projects, flying in air races, and teaching people to fly airplanes.  She also helped her husband start a Christian church in Las Vegas, called The Stream, where she continually learns to put first things first, and make sure that beauty begins in the heart!

You can expect Lauren to be your party coordinator and hostess, accompanied by 1-2 assistants.