Here are some testimonials from satisfied Viva la Diva customers:

“Viva la Diva is by far the best birthday party we have ever purchased for our daughter!!!  I provided a few snacks and salads (“spa” food per my daughter!) and Lauren did the rest!!  By far the easiest party for the value of what was provided!  (Don’t tell, Lauren, but what she provides I would have paid more for!! :))  This is an exceptionally well organized and reasonably priced birthday party.  I can’t wait to have another one!  Every guest left feeling well pampered and attended to!  All the girls loved it and had a fantastic time!  I think what sets Viva la Diva apart from other parties is Lauren’s attention to details and her interactions with the girls. My home was transformed right before my eyes into a day spa!  The decorations were awe inspiring and every guest that walked in stepped back in amazement of how incredible everything looked.  Jaw dropping decor to be sure!!  The quality of what was provided was amazing!  From the facials and mani/pedicures to the devotion that Lauren gave, the girls were giggling and thoroughly enjoying themselves every step of the way!  Lauren has a keen sense of intuition of what the girls want and knows when to lead them to the next phase of the party and when to give the girls space and time to enjoy themselves!My daughter’s favorite part was when her and her guests sat around my transformed living room (aka: spa!) with their feet in the spa bath, sharing stories and reading quiz answers from the spa magazines Lauren provided!  This was her “girl” time with her friends.  My daughter still talks about her spa party to this day even though it was 6 months ago!  I can’t stress enough how wonderful Viva la Diva is!  I highly recommend it for sure!”  -Carol

 “Lauren hosted my daughter’s 5th birthday party at my home. She did an amazing job!  I can’t even express how much effort she and her daughter put in to make sure my daughter had a spa birthday party of a lifetime.  She brought decorations and everything needed to successfully pamper 8-10 girls for 3 hours.  My daughter and all her friends had a blast! I highly recommend Lauren with Viva La Diva.  You will not be disappointed.” -Shanna 

“My daughter’s 8th birthday party was at a hotel, and the spa party was a surprise to her and her three other friends. When she walked into the room she was speechless! It is hard to name just a couple of things she enjoyed, since she enjoyed everything!  My daughter’s reaction to the party was priceless. I enjoyed everything!!  I was completely taken back by all of the decorating Lauren and her team did with the room. I also was very happy with how Lauren was so responsive with my emails and texts. She answered all of my questions and more. The party not only met my expectations, but exceeded far beyond what I had imagined.” -Meagan 

“Lauren was very friendly and warm, yet professional. She did a great job hosting the party and made it very easy for me. I also loved the decorations!” -Victoria

“My 8yr old daughter and I attended a spa party and had a blast! She felt beyond pampered and so did I! We enjoyed facials, manicures and pedicures as well as tips for doing facials at home. Lauren (party leader) also focused on our inward beauty and what makes us special. I will absolutely have her do a party for my daughter and her friends again in the future.” -Carly

“Love the whole experience….spa pampering as well as a luxurious environment which just sets the stage for all girls involved feeling very special.  This is a guaranteed memory maker and special experience!”

 “This was the first spa party my daughter went to and she LOVED it!!!! Her favorite part was the dress up and dance party. They were rocking it out!!!” -LeeAnn

“[My daughter’s] favorite part of the party was ‘All of it,’ she told me. She felt loved and really enjoyed being pampered with her friends.”

“[As a parent], I didn’t have to do anything except be there. The setup, tear down, clean up – all of it was done to perfection. The decorations were amazing.”

“I liked that it wasn’t like ALL the other parties we’ve gone to in the past few years. It was a refreshing and something new. I had a lot of fun as well.”

Her favorite part was that it was “fun to experience a spa atmosphere at home with friends. And, meeting new friends.”

“I would recommend this party to all family and friends. It’s worth every penny and your party will be a hit!”

The party was “run very well, very organized.”

“Keep up the good work!”

“My daughter’s favorite part was the facials.”

“My daughter’s favorite part was hanging out with her friends and she says ‘the dance party was the best!!!'”

 “As a mom, my favorite part was seeing her dance with her friends, and hearing her friends say that it was the BEST birthday party ever!”

 “[My daughter’s] favorite part was the dress up and dance!”